Patrick’s Hairgarden: Authentic barbershop Brussels

Founded in 1963 by Emiel De Haes, Patrick’s Hairgarden has been the welcome home for Eurocrats and residents of Brussels (Sint-Pieters-Woluwe) for more than 54 years. Today, the scissors are wielded by his passionate son ‘Patrick De Haes’. Growing up in his father’s hair salon, his dream was to become a professional barber himself, in which he greatly succeeded. Throughout the years he’s won several national and international barber contests like the European championship and the world championship with the Belgian national team.

Gentlemen only

Patrick’s Hairgarden is a traditional barbershop  in Brussels that honors the craft and tricks of the hairdresser’s trade passed on from father to son. Step into this genuine, oaky hair salon and treat yourself to a perfect, gentleman’s haircut and a professional shave or trim of the beard and moustache.

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